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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Tiffany stone cabochon

Pink, white, and black cabochon of some nice Tiffany stone. This is a natural freeform shape and is a core solid piece of gemstone.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Willow Springs Complex ~ Rockhounding Arizona

There is a place close by Ive talked about for some time. One of the first sites i ever wrote about and openly shared online is from this area. The Willow Springs Complex just North of Apache Jct and the Lost Dutchman State Park.  Parking has been improved, and there are so many driections one can go in here and find their own hidden advetures, your rarely run into others or packs of hikers out here at all.  I also run into one, maybe two people each time i go out. But everyone is usally going their own way so its allot of fun. It is moderate to easy hiking, but can get tough in some spots. Really depends on what your seaking out.  
Most of the good Druzy, Pink Lace, Gray Lace, Black Lace agates, and Orbicular jaspers are up and out of the wash areas. One most hike into the maze like canyon lands above the main Willow Springs wash tor eally find siutable cutting/collecting materials.  This hike was done about 5 weeks ago after the nice winter snow on Fourpeaks, so there was allot of water and moss growth in these back canyons.  We kiked over a small saddle were you can collect nice druzy, and down into a backside canyon to Willow Springs Wash. We found allot of semi large viens of agate, mostly whiteish, some pinks and grays as well. I brought some home and have one piece that might have plumes in it, and is rather clear agate.
 The last shot was at the bottom looking back up from were were came down. Just more as a mental marker for myself the next time i go over that same saddle.

Now this is total bush waking country folks, its always best to wear pants in this area no matter the time of year due to allot of brush and catclaw.  This whole wash was loaded with catclaw and a real pain in the but.  But for a rockhound in the Goldfields, its no problem and part of the going about.

I also found this nice druzy examples this trip which is also the main reason to sahring this site and going back years over years. There is allot of Quartz Druzy plates in mostly white color everywere. Sometimes Grey, sometimes rare Pink like this piece here. These make killer cabochons!

Other roughs i brough out on this trip have yet to be cut and proven, but i will share in time and if they are worth sharing.

Ok, so this last week i got back up there with a friend from the bakery and went a whole new way around to explore and find more rock hunting prospects.  This next group of photos is from that trip. It was started at the same parking lot, but we headed south and around a large butte with a goal on the backside called the IQ Arch. This first photo is looking east at the top of the saddle, towards Weavers Needle and the frist water area of the Suppersititions.

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Monday, April 11, 2011


google search for cabochon

So today while reading up on SEO i thought it was due time to check my ranking and placment on google with my site here at What cuaght my attention in SEO is supposedly google will not rank your website that high if you are using their servers like i am here with blogger. When i moved my site over to blogger i checked the rank and i was 5-7 pages back in google when searching for "cabochon". I was always on the frist page when searching for "Freeform Cabochon".

SO besides updating my content more readily and not offering everything and the kitchen sink on my site. AS well, not fully pushing an ecommernce platform i think i have become realy pleased and comfrotable with blogger and google in general.

So today i did a quick search for "Cabochon" and guess what. MY sold cabochon gallery is on the first Google page twice! One link goes right to picassa were i store the gallery. But the other link goes right to the blog, and denotes a sold cabochon of blue biggs jasper. This makes me very happy with using blogger and i will continue to update my content and cabochons as often as i can. Thanks for following

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Progression of a preform

In lapidary terms, that's just plain silly. But in agate like this piece of Brazil, its shows well how a natural preform cabochon shape can change when cutting. I was trying to preserve as much as the bright color as possible. And it still needs a trim before I sand it. Thanks to bob rush for the inspiration.
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which should I cab this weekend?

Madagascar druzy agate, a Royal Sahara, or a super blue pietersite?
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